Neighbors United Against the Mark Twain Transmission Project

Neighbors United Against the Mark Twain Transmission Project

Who We Are

Neighbors United is a grass-roots community group of concerned citizens and landowners in Northeast Missouri (Adair, Schuyler, Marion, Knox, & Shelby counties) whose communities are being affected by Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI)’s blatant abuse of eminent domain.

What We’re Fighting

ATXI is abusing the principle of eminent domain by claiming this transmission project would benefit Missouri while in fact nearly 100% of the power will be sent out-of-state.

ATXI is pushing this unnecessary project to earn 12.38% on the $224 million cost to build the line as part of a federal incentive program (Federal Energy Regulation Commission Order 1000).

Why We’re Fighting

ATXI has been misrepresenting the facts in writing and during public meetings to take advantage of rural communities with limited resources. ATXI wants to profit by destroying our land. The easements offered by ATXI grant the company exclusive rights to the entire parcel of land as well as all adjoining parcels, taking advantage of the principles of eminent domain for private greed – and giving them freedom to use our farms as they please – indefinitely. Profit to be made from exploiting our land drives this project.