Neighbors United, Watch Out for Trespassers this Spring & Summer!


A few Neighbors United members have noticed the Bat Study crews out again already this spring. You have every right to tell them to get off your property. Make sure to let your neighbors know, too! If they’re asked to leave your property, chances are they’ll try your neighbors or someone close by. Please help us spread the word to be watching out for them.


We’re also expecting to see Contract Land Staff or others out and about trying to get more easements signed. Our tip was that they could be out as early as this month. This fight is a long way from over and we’re in a better position if we all hold out together! Please feel free to inform them that they’re trespassing and let them know where to go and how, for their convenience.

If someone is trespassing on your land, photographic evidence makes it easier for the Sheriff or other law enforcement to help keep us all safe.

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