What you can do

What you can do

Missouri has weak landowner protection legislation, which means that it is up to our community to protect this land. Winning this battle will set an important precedent for landowners everywhere when it comes to corporate greed and eminent domain. This is our farmland. If ATXI takes it – we will never get it back. A farmer’s land IS his 401K. The route viciously cuts through 55,000 acres of land that some families have owned for over 100 years.


  • Join our Facebook Page and share our story with your online community.
  • Contact the Missouri Public Service Commission and let them know you oppose ATXI’s “Mark Twain” Transmission Project. Contact: pscinfo@psc.mo.gov. Reference case # EA-2015-0146.
  • Call Missouri Legislators to voice your opposition to ATXI’s “Mark Twain” Transmission Project and the use of eminent domain for corporate gain, and ask for landowner protection legislation to be passed.
  • Spread the Word about what is going on by writing a letter to your newspaper or television station and informing your community.

If you live in an affected county, Meet with your County Commissioners to let them know why you oppose this project. Commissioners in all five affected counties (Adair, Schuyler, Shelby, Marion and Knox) have written formal resolutions opposing ATXI’s “Mark Twain” Transmission Project. Call and thank them for their support!

Join Our Group by emailing noamerenpowerline@gmail.com to receive updates as the fight unfolds.